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Jewel Loan can be availed by members to meet their requirements from Rs.5000/- upto maximum of Rs.15 lakhs or prescribed by the Nidhi from time to time.

  • In order to avail Jewel Loan , Individuals should become a Member, by buying shares to an extent of Rs.10/-
  • Advance value per gram will be prescribed by the Nidhi from time to time. Present value is Rs.3300/- per gram.
  • The Maximum period for the Jewel Loan is One year. Can be renewed after One year by remitting interest dues, if any, at the prescribed rate of interest.
  • Members can avail Jewel Loan above Rs.2 lakhs by Cheque or instant transfer to their Bank Accounts by NEFT / RTGS.
  • The Loan will be given for the Net Weight only after deduction for purity, stones, etc.
  • Interest to be paid on or before last working day of the month to avoid additional Interest.
  • Repayment above Rs.2,00,000/- per account/per day will be accepted by Cheque or NEFT.
JEWEL LOANS -Rate 3300/gram (01-04-2021)
Maximum Period : 1 year
Fresh Loans 11.0%
Renewal & Further Loans 12.0%